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Throughout more than 30 years in the philanthropic sector, Agustín has designed and implemented strategies to help civil society organizations fulfill their initiatives. Before founding LANZA Agustín served as Vice-Chancellor of Advancement at the University of Monterrey for nine years, whose responsibility included the operations of four strategic directions: Development, Marketing, Student Attraction, Executive Education, and Relationship with Employers and Graduates.


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Under his leadership, more than 780 million Mexican pesos were raised committed in the last financial campaign. He was also the Vice-Chancellor of Outreach and Advancement at the Popular Autonomous University of the State of Puebla (UPAEP). He previously served as Director of Resource Evaluation for Public Assistance in the National Lottery. His professional career began at the Instituto Poblano de Readaptación, AC, (IPODERAC), an organization of which he was Executive Director and where he now participates as a Board Member. In less than a year, this entity went from deficit to sustainability and became a case study published by the Harvard Business School in 1998.


From 2018 to 2023 Agustín participated as president of Comunalia, the Alliance of Community Foundations of Mexico. In addition, he was a Senior Advisor to the Latin American Network of Social Investment and Strategic Philanthropy (Latimpacto), and a former consultant of the Civil Society Organization Strengthening Center in NL (yCo). 

He was a founding member and first President of Comunidar Foundation in Monterrey and the founding member and first President of the Community Foundation in Puebla. He was the first representative of the Community Foundations group on the Mexican Center for Philanthropy board. Currently, he supports the C.S. Mott Foundation Latin-American community foundations initiative across seven countries and Spain. 


Also, Agustín was a consultant director at the SumaRSE Network, counselor of the Civic Council of Institutions of Nuevo León (CCINLAC), counselor of Niños en Acción,   president of the Social Development Commission within the Civic Council of Institutions of Nuevo León (CCINLAC), secretary of the International Council of Partners of The Americas as well as other institutions of civil society. Nowadays he is the Secretary of the Council of Vía Educación A.C.

In LANZA some of the clients with whom he has collaborated are Nacional Monte de Piedad, UANL Foundation, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, and Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI).


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